1 Dress, 2 Looks

For all of you brides who just can't decide on one dress because you're IN LOVE with two looks... we've got the answer!

#1: For lace lovers

One, find the dress of your dreams! Step two, get a lace BOLERO! If your dream dress is strapless go ahead and simply wear a bolero over or underneath your dress!

Boleros come in all different patterns, sizes, and colors! You can wear the bolero for the entire wedding or take it off at the reception. Because the bolero is removable, the possibilities are endless!

Need an example? Here's our beautiful bride Kristyn in her Stella York gown! Images by True Photography.

Look #1 With bolero

Look #1 With bolero

Look #2 Without bolero

Look #2 Without bolero

#2: For a princess look

One, find the dress of your dreams! Step two, wear an OVER-SKIRT on top of your fitted gown! It is the perfect way to have the sexy fitted look and the perfect classic princess cut all in one day!

Over-skirts come in all different styles, cuts, colors & even different volumes! Some have trains while others don't! Just like boleros, the over-skirts are removable leaving you (The Bride) with plenty of options!

Brides often wear the over-skirt for the ceremony and then remove the skirt to have a lighter, fitted look for the reception!

Look #1 With over-skirt

Look #1 With over-skirt

Look #2 Without over-skirt

Look #2 Without over-skirt

This or That

When planning a wedding, getting your perfect look together creates so many options. How do you choose? Lets start by breaking it down one by one...

Hair up or down?

The running theme of this blog will be stay true to who you are! It might be your wedding day, but you'll still want to feel comfortable in your whole look.  When deciding on hair, make sure you are wearing your hair in a look that you feel beautiful in. Meaning, if you feel your best with you hair down, then wear it down. If you feel your best when you hair if up, then wear it up.  You will have a lot of wedding photos taken and you want to love them. Think about how you prefer your hair in pictures, that might help you make your final decision.  If you are wearing your hair up, you can always take it down for your reception. If you are wearing your hair down, you can always pull half of it up to keep it out of your face. For those brides who want their hair down but want to show off their wedding gown's detailed or low back, you can always have your hair stylist braid it to the side so it looks down from the front but still shows of your gorgeous back! 


Earrings or necklace?

Remember ladies, this is YOUR day. Normally we don't go about our day with bling jewelry and full length gowns, but your wedding day is YOUR day to go all out! You should feel your best, we're going for a 15 out of 10 feeling!  A lot of brides ask us if they should wear earrings or a necklace on their wedding day. If your gown has a lot of beading or strap detail, earrings are a great way to frame your face! 

It's okay to wear both earrings and necklace, especially if your gown is strapless. My only other advice when picking jewelry is go for less metal and more sparkly. The jewelry doesn't have to be big, you'll just want to catch some light and sparkle the day of!  A bracelet is always a nice touch too!  


Heels or Flats?

Here's a helpful tip when deciding between heels or flats...no one sees your feet, so we vote go for comfort!  We all love the glamour and beauty of high heels, but make sure you are prepared to spend a full night in them. Your wedding gown gets hemmed to the height you are with shoes, which means if you kick your shoes off or switch to flats at your reception, your dress will be too long and you'll step all over your gown.  We support all of the heel lovers who dance through the pain! :D But, we also support all the brides who slip some sparkly flats and sandals on and dance the night away! Wedges are a must for any bride walking on gravel or grass! Sometimes a small one inch wide heal is the perfect compromise to getting a little height while still feeling comfortable! 



Dress Timeline

So you've just said yes! Congratulations on your engagement! Now it's time to dive into wedding planning. Shopping for a gown is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding. The entire process of gown shopping is about 8 months, so it's never too early to begin the search for the perfect dress. :) We've broken down the timeline so you're prepared to find THE ONE!

Special gown orders begin at $1,500.

Special gown orders begin at $1,500.

Almost all gowns are made to order, so it takes 4-6 months for the dress to come in. If your wedding date falls within that 4-6 month time frame, don't worry! We'll walk you through all your options to see if any rush fees apply. There are different rush fees that will help speed up the production on your dress. The Bustle offers various rush options depending on the designer and the gown you fall in love with.

Remember, alterations are always needed to achieve the perfect fit. Gown sizing is determined by your current measurements. We always recommended to go with the largest measurement because wedding gowns are made to be taken in, or let out if needed. Alterations will begin 6-8 weeks before your wedding.

Let The Bustle help you find your dream dress! Our team of bridal consultants will be there to guide you through the entire process up to the day you say "I do!" Call 858-523-9254 or visit us online at www.thebustledelmar.com to schedule your private appointment. We can't wait to meet you xo

What To Wear?

Its officially Holiday Season & The Bustle is here to help!

Being newly engaged in exhilarating, but can also be a tad overwhelming too! Whats the first thing every girl wants to do after they get engaged....grab your girls and go DRESS SHOPPING!


Here are some helpful tips to making your fitting successful!

  • Wear something that is easy to slip on & off, you'll be getting in and out of gowns so practicality becomes a real life saver! Maxis and wrap dresses have been quite a favorite to brides to be.
  • No need to bring those formal heels, we put you on a stand giving you the same heightening effect!
  • Strapless bra? No need, all of our gowns are structured for the brides to go bra-less, however we want to feel comfortable so whatever works for you, works great for us! :)
  • Lets talk undies! Nude and seamless no-show underwear are the best option, but nude takes priority over fabric! Lace undies also do the job! :)
  • Now what about Spanx? If you think you are going to wear your Spanx the day of the wedding definitely bring them with you to your fitting! If Spanxs aren't your thing, no worries you don't need them!
  • A must is your most trustworthy gals! Make sure you bring your loved ones who know YOU & your style!
  • Be true to yourself! We have a lot of gowns and in all different colors & styles! Be sure to listen to your heart. Sometimes your dream dress will surprise you! Remember as long as you love it, you'll always love it!
  • Stay open minded! Try on as many styles as you can, you never know what you'll fall in love with!
  • Lastly, remember to HAVE FUN! We have the treats, veils, and dresses...You bring the girls and get ready to have some fun and make those life long memories!   

Wedding Gown Silhouettes


Finding the perfect wedding dress begins with finding the right shape for your body. There are five basic gown shapes, including trumpet, mermaid, sheath, a-line, and ball gown. Once you've narrowed down to one silhouette, deciding on a combination of materials and details is easy! At The Bustle, our bridal stylists will help you find the right fit for your wedding day.

Trumpet This is a fitted style that begins flaring out just below the hips. It shows off your curves enough while still giving you enough walking space to dance the night away! 

Mermaid This style is great for brides who want something a little more dramatic to show off their curves! It's more fitted than a trumpet fit, and begins flaring out at the knee or lower.

Sheath This is slim fitting style perfect for brides who want a sleek and effortless look! It hugs your body head to toe, and is a great silhouette for wanting to elongate your figure.

A-line This is universally flattering on every figure! It's fitted at the bodice to show of the smallest part of your waist, and flares out from there. It looks especially great on brides who want to conceal their fuller hips, or for brides with a sporty figure who want to create the illusion of curves.

Ball Gown  This shape is fitted at the bodice, with a dramatic full skirt. If you love this look, go for it! Where else besides your wedding can you dress like a princess? :)