Veil Me

Do you want to wear a veil? 

Veils have been worn for centuries all across the world and until this day are commonly seen as a bridal tradition. 

Brides always ask us if they should wear a veil or not. We always recommend trying veils with your favorite wedding gowns to see if you love it. There are so many different variations of veils that are guaranteed to perfect your look.

Every veil designer adds their own touch to their veils, but traditionally the most common lengths are: 

  • Elbow
  • Fingertip
  • Waltz
  • Chapel
  • Cathedral

Veils come in all different cuts and designs (lace, bling, silk, horsehair, etc.) and of course if you're wanting to combine your favorite looks, there are always options to customize a veil.

Blushers are a very popular topic of discussion. Traditionally, the bride has a blusher attached to a veil that goes over her face until she is "unveiled" at the ceremony. Wearing a blusher is all about the brides preference, and not required. Some brides like the effect of extra volume that the double layer creates without placing the blusher over the face. 

Wanting to try on veils? Book your accessory appointment today! We are having a Toni Federici Trunk Show June 8th-17th. Our shop has over 100 veils, and if you can't find your perfect one, Toni Federici can customize your perfect veil!

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