A Real Love Story, Danielle and Matthew

We love our Bustle Brides so much that we wanted to get to know them a little bit better, so we asked you lovely ladies to send us a little bit about you and your love! What we got from Danielle and Matthew had us crying in our office :) You can read both of their points of view below! We love your love, cheers to a beautiful life together.

XO, The Bustle Babes


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My husband Matthew and I met in 5/2014. How we met:

We both downloaded the newest dating app at the time, and had never used it to meet or date anybody before. We were both the first and only people we each met through the app. After a couple of casual dates, the excitement built, and I knew she was different. Beautiful, always fun, always high energy. We got frozen yogurt. She fell asleep on my shoulder within 5 minutes of watching a show together. We attempted to make our own home-blended peanut butter. We opened a wine bottle with a shoe. I was sold :)


We had been texting for a while through a new dating app and were trying to find a chance to meet. We finally met after my 12-hour nursing shift. I was wearing scrubs and no makeup. He still texted me the next day! I impressed him with my "adventurous palate" by eating uni on our second date. He impressed me with his hiking skills on our third date. I FaceTimed my friend to learn how to cook him dinner. He was so easy going and planned fun dates. He was worth the wait :)

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Proposal took place 10/1/17 at the Resort at Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We had a trip planned to Cabo to meet up with a few of my friends. I suggested to Danielle that we go a day early since we were already off from work. Surreptitiously, I booked a romantic dinner on the beach at an amazing resort. Without suspecting a thing, Danielle got ready quickly and when we arrived at the restaurant, the host escorted us past the normal tables and onto the beach. Danielle was surprised to see we were the only table in the sand but STILL didn't know what was about to happen. After appetizers came, I brought her for a short walk to see the sunset and I popped the question. She was speechless and crying. A hidden photographer I hired captured the whole thing. It was great!


Matt suggested we go on our Cabo trip early since we already had time off work. We arrived in Cabo and had a private driver waiting for us with our names on a sign (first timer!) We drove to a secret destination and ended up in the most magical place called The Resort at Pedregal. We had a relaxing day in the water; swimming and taking naps in the sun. Matt said we should probably get ready for dinner. I didn't think twice and started getting ready. I ended up getting rushed to finish so that we could make it to our reservation on time. The dinner on the beach was so romantic with flower petals, champagne, and candles. I still didn't suspect anything since he is Mr. Romantic :) Then, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I immediately started crying and hugging him. Then, I remembered to say yes!


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We wanted to get married in San Diego since we met there, Matthew is from San Diego, and we both love warm weather. We also had a lot of out of town guests coming in and wanted to give them the treat of seeing beautiful San Diego. We decided to go with Coasterra since it was on the water, had the best view of downtown San Diego (where we had our first date!), and was the most breath taking, unique  venue we found in San Diego that was unlike any other venue we saw. 

Wedding theme

Our wedding theme was sleek, modern, classy, romantic, and elegant. We had a lot of gold touches with dusty/fog blue accents. The groomsmen were in cobalt since it was sleek, modern, and would stand out from other weddings we have seen. The bridesmaids were in different colors to give some variety and keep a neutral color palette. The color palette for the wedding was easy and classic to go with the overall look of the venue. It was romantic and soft for a wedding on the water

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