Juggling Wedding Planning and Real Life

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Let’s face it, most of us already have such busy lives, and throwing an engagement into the mix makes things even busier. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, so much work in fact that people base full-time careers from it. It takes a lot of focus and patience to make sure every little detail is just right for the big day. That being said, hiring a wedding planner, while it makes your life easier, can also be costly; even for just a day of coordinator. (Which we still highly recommend!)

However, if you don’t have the budget for a wedding planner, or you simply want to do it yourself, we’ve got some tips for you on how to balance all the planning in the middle of real life.  

Our first suggestion is simple, remember that you should be enjoying your engagement! You will only get to call your S.O. your Fiancé for a short period of time, so relish that new title! Your engagement should be a such a happy time for both of you, it shouldn’t stress you out or cause you sleepless nights so don’t let wedding planning take that from you both!

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Next, organize your schedule! If you are working, in school or in between, we still suggest mapping out a specific schedule to do your wedding planning as if it were any other job! Give yourself a few hours a day to get the work done, or schedule 1-2 appointments per day with vendors. Do not overcrowd your day with wedding meetings, it may seem like a great idea to just get it all done at once, but trust us when we say, you will get overwhelmed if your day is chock full of appointments. Give yourself a break, you have plenty of time to get it all done.

Make a list! I am sure I speak for a lot of you out there when I say, I LOVE making lists! Something about crossing things off as I go is so satisfying, and even more so when it’s wedding related! One less thing to worry about! Make yourself a big ole’ list, or a few smaller lists of common things that need doing. Mark them by importance and time limits. This will help you stay organized and feel more like you’re on top of things. Also, try and keep all your wedding paperwork separate from any work/personal paperwork. This will help you keep the two separate and help you to feel less as if everything is happening all at once!

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Once you have found all your vendors, keep all paperwork in separate and labeled folders. I also recommend leaving those off to the side once they are scheduled and locked in, for a few months. Once you have them scheduled you only need to check in with them closer to the wedding date for final touches. Maybe even set a task/reminder for yourself in your phone for a few months down the road to give them a call. Almost like a future reminder gift, you will thank your past self for it later ;)

Finally, do not do wedding related stuff every day. It will benefit not only you but your relationships just as much by making sure it is not consuming you! This harkens back to the first tip, make sure you take time for yourselves. Take time to go out with your girlfriends, go on dates with your S.O. and make the most out of this period of your life. Your future self will thank you for that too ;)

XO, The Bustle