5 Things to do on Your Wedding Day!

Number 1:

Take a shower! We all know the healing power of a hot shower when you’re stressed out. So wake up and refresh yourself with a nice warm shower. It will relax any day of jitters :)

Number 2:

EAT BREAKFAST AND LUNCH!!!! Your chances of eating during your reception may be slim to none, unless you have designated someone to block guests from greeting you during dinner! No one likes a hangry bride, so make sure you eat a healthy breakfast and lunch! {And maybe some small snacks along the way ;) }.

Number 3:

Hang your dress and your veil and steam them both! No one wants any wrinkles on the day of. So make sure you have someone in charge of that, far away from any food or liquids! Most venues will have a steamer available for you to use, but if they dont, you can get one on the cheap at Wal-Mart or Target!

Number 4:

Enjoy the morning with your girls! Getting ready is fun! Pop a bottle of champagne and splash in some OJ and just relax a little. It is a big day and you dont want to drink too much, but a glass or two will take the edge off just enough. Enjoy getting pampered by your makeup and hair stylists and overall just remember today is the day to have as much fun as possible.

Number 5:

Let your wedding coordinator handle everything. For some of us relinquishing control is hard, but on the day of your wedding, the only thing you should be thinking about is your fiancé and finally getting to meet them at the end of the Aisle. So let your wedding coordinator handle everything else, it’s their job, and it is what they are good at. You just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride into wedlock :)


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