Bridesmaid's Day of Duties

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I know what you’re thinking ladies, my bridesmaids should just be having fun on my wedding day. You might be thinking, once the ceremony starts, the wedding coordinator will take care of everything. On the day of your wedding, your Bridesmaids are going to be by your side dang near every second of that day. They will be there to make sure you are having a blast getting ready, sipping mimosas and eating a hearty breakfast and lunch. They will be there to make you feel like the gorgeous goddess that you are when your hair and makeup is finally done. Those girls will be there to blast the music and have random dance parties to keep the atmosphere light and fun. They will be there to help you step into your gown when the time comes.

The morning of is all about making sure you are having a fabulous morning that will blend seamlessly into night. Come ceremony time, your MOH will be there to help you fluff your train and hold your bouquet. She will then hand it back to you before you walk back down the aisle.

After pictures have been taken, it is bustle time. It is typically the MOHs job to do up your bustle as well, but sometimes she may need a hand so your Bridesmaids are the perfect choice. Tread carefully with your Bustle but also be aware that when you are dancing, someone may unintentionally step on it, causing one of the threads to rip. If/when this happens, don’t worry, there should be a train loop underneath that your girls can loop around your wrist for a quick fix!

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Your wedding planner should already have a handle on making sure you and your new hubby get your food plated first, but if she doesn’t, one of your girls can surely do that for you. Remember, EAT!! It may be a little challenging with guests coming up to you non-stop, but they can deal with you grubbin’ out. Or better yet, have a designated guest blocker, to ensure that you both get a few moments peace to eat alone without constant guest interaction.

The last thing your girls should be helping you with is making sure all the right people are rounded up for speeches, the first dance, the father/daughter dance, and the bouquet and garter toss. After that it is time to fully let loose and party the night away.

These women (and sometimes men) are part of your bridal party for a reason, let them help you. I know for a fact that they want to, and would do anything you need. They will even help you go pee if your dress is too challenging for that to happen alone. Our Bridesmaids are the people in our lives that matter enough to stand next to you when you say “ I Do “. You love them, they love you and this is the day that you all have been waiting for, your girls can only enhance your shine, so hand over the reins :)


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