5 Things You Should Know When Going Dress Shopping!

I am sure I speak for most women when I say that, the first thing we want to do is go say YES to our dress! And it should be easy right? Just like going shopping at your favorite store. You know exactly what kind of dresses you like on your body and which kind you dont. You have done extensive Pinterest searching for dresses that you absolutely love the look of and are pretty sure is “the One”. So this should be a walk in the park right???

For some brides, it most definitely is. For most others, it can be so overwhelming because you start finding out things you had no idea about when it comes to getting your wedding gown. So we have compiled a small list of the 5 top things you should know before going into your appointment!

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N U M B E R . O N E

Dresses take about 4-6 months to come in, with some designers taking as long as 8 months! So book your appointment as soon as you can to avoid any rush fees!

N U M B E R . T W O

You need to start your alterations 2 months prior to your wedding day. In those 2 months you will go back ( on average) a total of 3 times, to ensure the dress is perfect for your big day!

N U M B E R . T H R E E

Every. Single. Dress. Needs alterations. The standard alterations are your hem, your bustle, and your body alts. When you say yes to your dress, your stylist will take your measurements and then look at the designers size chart to figure out which of their standard sizes to order you. They will then recommend the largest size, based off of your measurements, so that the dress will have ample room to be tailored perfectly to every contour of your body. The dresses are not custom made to your measurements, and they all have a standard length, which is why alterations are always necessary.

N U M B E R . F O U R

Bridal Sizing is different than street sizing! So if you come in and usually wear a size 4 and your consultant says you are in a size 8, dont panic!! Bridal sizes typically run about 2 sizes up from street sizing.

N U M B E R . F I V E

Stay open minded! When you go in to try on gowns, sometimes what you thought you absolutely did not want is what you end up choosing. Trying on other styles may also solidify what you already knew that you loved. But it is best to try on all different styles just in case ;)


Trying on wedding gowns should be the most fun experience, so make sure you bring people that are Team Bride all the way. You dont want to have any body with you will want to see you in only what they want and neglect your feelings. Because at the end of the day your opinion is the only one that matters because you will be wearing it and its YOUR wedding.

Just remember ladies, have fun and if you start to get overwhelmed, take a minute to sit down, sip some bubbly and relax. Your Bridal Gown experience should be one to remember forever, and we are here to help you with that, always.


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