Down to the Wire: Wedding Month Madness

It is FINALLY 30 days before you get to say I do!

There is stress, there is late nights, there is last minute details. But there should also be, joy, laughter, love and a sense of relief.

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When all is said and done, you want to enjoy the process of being engaged and planning your wedding. While some of you may have a wedding planner who is doing most of the work, others may be taking the brunt of the wedding planning onto your shoulders. In order to really enjoy your wedding planning process, take it from me, you need to ask for help.

You make be a little bit of a control freak and letting go of the reigns might scare you to no end. And that is OK! However, you are not the only person getting married. Your fiancé is a part of it too, and more often than not, they want to help you. So let them.

I suggest taking things in stride by starting with a list. Write down all of the things that still need to get done the month before. Start with the biggest and most important time sensitive items, then move your way down to small details that aren’t all that important. Once you have that list, go ahead and jot down a few small things and hand that list to your fiancé. Ask them to make sure to write anything down that might be important later on, and as soon as it is completed ask that they let you know right away. Your fiancé loves you, they dont want to see you struggle when they know full well that they can help you. So ask them girl!

Delegate! Not only to your fiancé, but to your bridal party as well! Your girls are part of your big day for a reason. They love you so much and they are probably itching to help. So have them over for girls night and put them in teams of two and have them tackle some of the harder things together!

And last but not least. Ask your mom or dad. They are probably having a hard time imaging the fact that their little girl is growing up! So give them something to do to take their mind off of it! They are dying to be a part of your big day too, let them help.

The most important thing to remember is that, you are not alone in the period of wedding planning. There are countless people around you that would do anything for you. Even if you dont think there is, call me up girl I GOT YOU ;)

At the end of the day. All that will matter is you and your fiancé, and the love that you two have for one another. So breath, and remember that you are not alone.


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