5 Ways to Get Away From Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is definitely a hassle and a ton of work, sometimes can cause a lot of stress than can take a toll on your physical health. We’ve heard stories of brides losing hair, breaking out and even shingles and ulcers. That is why it is so important to stay healthy and find ways to de-stress with your fiance.

  1. Have a wedding free weekend

    It probably sounds impossible, but for a full weekend, try to simply enjoy each other's company without mentioning the wedding—no hors d'oeuvres, seating charts or first dance song chit chat.

  2. Go on a fancy date

    Chances are, for the past few months you've been saving every penny to stay on your wedding budget. If you've done well, reward yourselves with a lovely, romantic dinner date. Why not throw in a movie or concert, as long as you're splurging a little?

  3. Binge watch Netflix

    While this is a de-stressor for just about everything doing this together will give you a common interest. And allows you to talk about something else rather than just the wedding. And while your watching, pour a glass of wine and put on a charcoal face mask.

  4. Don’t forget about your friends

    Sometimes you just need to have a good time with friends. Go to dinner and drinks, or dancing and stay out late, or book massages and pedicures. Do whatever you and your pals love to do for fun—and again, try to avoid wedding talk.

  5. Read a book!

    Sometimes we forget the importance of reading a really good book. Its so fun to get lost in the pages and forget about the rest of the other things going on in our life. And you are always on the go, listening to audio books and even podcasts will take your mind off of planning.