Grand Exit Ideas!

Time to leave the party behind, but leave it in style! The grand exit is often times an underestimated and we can forget that it’s even a thing. Normally, send offs consist of your guests making an aisle for you and your new spouse to walk down. This leads to your get away car or some sort of transportation. Here are some super fun ideas on how to end the night with some style.

  1. Send them off with a sparkle!

sparkler send off.jpg

Don’t worry this is completely safe, just make sure there is a few buckets of water for guests to put their sparklers in afterwards. These are so fun and creative, they also make for some amazing pictures! Depending on where you live double check the firework laws and if you are able to purchase them.

2. Glitter and Confetti


Confetti is a great replacement for traditional rice throwing, it adds a little flare and color. Confetti symbolizes celebrations and it is your grand finale or curtain call. This tends to leave a little more of mess behind so double check with your venue if they will allow confetti.

3. Eco Friendly!


Tossing lavender and real flower petals is a great eco friendly send off idea. It is also very cost efficient! Plus is smells very good, just do be aware of any allergies. Placing lavender in paper cones makes it functional for your guests and a really pretty touch. Another trick to consider is to take a hole punch to flower petals, its like your own floral confetti!

4. Bubbles! My bubbles!


Bubbles are super cute and whimsical, just be careful of a slippery floor. Your guests, especially the little ones will love this, not only is it for your exit, but they make really good wedding favors!

5. Glow the night away!

glow sticks.jpg

While most venues prohibit the sparklers, having the glow sticks are the best alternative. You can have multiple colors or only purchase one color to resemble the sparklers. These are also great to have for the reception and partying. Nothing says dance party like some glow sticks!