How's My Hair?!

So you say you always wanted to feel like a princess on your wedding day?

bridal crown 2.jpg

Then why not add a crown ;)

Wedding planning takes so much of our energy and focus, that sometimes the smaller and more subtle details get lost in the fray. You know you need your dream dress, and you always wanted to wear a long cathedral length veil, but what happens with your hair once you take it off?

Veils typically get removed right before the reception, after you take all your post ceremony pictures. You can definitely leave it on, after all, it’s your day and you can do as you please! BUT, if you decide to take the veil off, sometimes that can leave your hair feeling a little under dressed.

This is where a hair piece or bridal crown can come in handy. There are so many options, whether you are just looking for something small like a hair comb, or something loud and proud like a brightly colored flower crown. Adding a statement headpiece can complete any and all bridal looks.

So you have an elegant and simple crepe gown, no worries, just add a small clip in hairpiece that gives you that little bit of sparkle you want. Or maybe you are a Boho Queen who needs her crown of crystals, pop that crown on the top of your head and own being the center of envy.


Also, who says that flowers must only be for bouquets and centerpieces? We sure don’t! A flower crown can go beautifully with any dress, and can also tie your gown in with whatever color scheme you have with the wedding. The Groom isn’t the only one who gets to be colorful and bold on your wedding day!


Regardless of what you decide on, remember that there are no limits to what you can do to make yourself feel as beautiful as we know you are. Rock a crown, or slay simply, either way you will glow just perfectly on your day.

xo, The Bustle