Seating Chart Madness

Arranged seating can either be really helpful or really stressful!

"We can’t have uncle Tommy sitting with Catherine, but we need John to be with Anna.”

You may think you have everything figured out, and then people will start throwing monkey wrenches in all of your plans.

seating chart.jpg

Maybe your mom thinks that a distant relative that you’ve never met needs that invite, or maybe your fiance tells a friend they can bring their new girlfriend of 2 weeks. Maybe you don’t know your fiance’s side of the family all that well and you have no idea where to start arranging their seats.

All of these different scenarios will keep popping up that are going to stress you out. You might start feeling like you want to rip your hair out, because this should be easy, but it is far from it.

Your friends should all be okay at the same table, and your cousins should all be okay sitting with the grooms cousins. But then you start to realize that your friends never stop talking when they are all together, and your cousins don’t know the grooms cousins!

Never fear! We have some stress relieving tips to make your seating planning go smoothly.

-Know your table layout and final guest count.

-Start grouping together family members and friends that you know get along well. Or at the very least, know one another.

-Talk to your fiance, or in-laws, about their side of the family and who they think should sit together.

- Make a list of people you know should definitely not sit together.

- Remember, the seating chart will get finished, so don’s stress yourself out thinking you’ll never get it done.

-Do what you think is best, but it is okay to ask for help from your MOH or Fiance for thoughts. You are not alone!

Once you have all your groups together then start placing them at specific tables. Don’t worry about people sitting with others they don’t know, it’s going to happen regardless. You do not need to feel bad about it, because your guests will follow the seating chart no matter what. But also don’t be surprised if they starting moving around during the reception, you will be too busy having the night of your life to notice! And remember that your guests will only really be sitting down for about an hour- an hour and a half for dinner and speeches.