Wedding Dress Myths Debunked

Myth: I need to explore all my options when looking for THE dress!

This has some truth to it, however trying on 30+ gowns at 5 different bridal shops actually makes your decision way harder. Because out of the 30 dresses you have tried on, you now have 2 favorites at each shop, you’ve narrowed it down to 8-10 favorites. If you give yourself too many options, you are just looking at a bunch of pretty dress and forget you are finding your wedding dress. You’ve become so numb to every dress that it will suppress the “feeling” you’re looking for the one.

Our advice is, you are always going to see other dresses and think “what if?” or “did I not look around enough?” This happens all the time, and truth is once you find YOUR dress, you always come back to it in your mind. There are always going to be pretty dresses, but don’t worry trust your decision.

Myth: I’ll know it’s the dress when I cry.

We watch this all the time on Say Yes To The Dress, when Randy puts the veil on, the water works come. Every bride is different! And you don’t necessarily need to cry to know its your wedding dress, you will just know because it crosses everything off the checklist and it out does the rest. Just like your fiance!