5 Disaster-Proof Wedding Makeup Tips

Every bride deserves to look flawless on her wedding day! But once the tears start coming is when things can go south, and yes I’m talking about the mascara! Or for all the summer weddings, that heat is not a hot look and suddenly your highlight isn’t the Fenty Beauty Kit anymore. Here are some sweat, tears, and all of the above proof tips to keep your makeup looking fresh and lasting all night!

  1. Prep Your Skin Early

    If you haven’t had a regular skin care routine its never too late. Start by scheduling facials regularly, this will improve your skin’s texture and help with the base of your makeup. If you’re on a tight schedule and don’t have the time for regular facials, no problem! You can start this at home with some easy steps: cleanse, tone and, moisturize daily then use either a mud mask or a sheet mask once or twice a week. Don’t forget to DRINK WATER, this is probably the most important step, hydrated skin is healthy skin!

  2. Prime Prime Prime!

    Priming your makeup crucial. Most, if not all makeup artists will use a primer, this will ensure you that what is going on your skin is not coming off no matter the sweat or the tears. Not only does the primer help with keeping your makeup on all night, it helps create a smooth, and blurred effect to your skin. Ask your makeup artist which primer is best for your skin type!

  3. Falsies? Maybe. Waterproof? DEF YES!!!

    No bride wants to look like a raccoon on the day of their wedding. While crying is inevitable, preventing the drippy mascara is not! Falsies can be very uncomfortable, if you do choose that route try eyelash extensions. It might be a little bit more expensive, however it will save you and your makeup artist a lot of time and ensure you that even after 3 glasses of champagne, your lashes aren’t going anywhere. If you choose to skip fake lashes all together, waterproof mascara and eyeliner is the way to go! No raccoon eyes half way down the aisle!

  4. You may kiss the bride!

    Can we all give a round of applause for liquid lipsticks and lip stains! Lets be real, on your wedding day there is going to be a lot of kissing and I’m sure your fiance isn’t going to want Mac Velvet Teddy on his face. However if you do plan on using a creamy lipstick, a tip is to apply, blot, apply, blot and apply one more time, then blot again, then dust a little translucent powder on top to lock it in. If you decide on a liquid lip but want a little glossy effect, add a shimmery eye shadow or highlight to the center of the lips.

  5. ready, SET, go!

    The final step to keeping your makeup lasting long all day is to set it all in place with translucent powder. This will block any natural oils and sweat that want to peak through, making you look matte in the places where you need it most. For all the oily skin brides, you don’t want to skip powder! Lastly another step is to spray with a setting spray, its like hairspray but for your face, locking it all in place! Setting spray is what is going to keep your makeup looking fresh all night. If by chance you do need to touch up any oil or sweat, keep blotting sheets and translucent powder near by.

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