Fun Planning Tips!

Planning your big day should be more fun and less stress, here are some helpful tips to keep the excitement in planning.

  • Treat your tastings as date days! This is a fun way for you and your fiance to sit down and enjoy a meal together without the crowds and noisy restaurants, whether it be a cake tasting or caterer its a great way to enjoy each other.

  • Registry! It’s like shopping but with out spending money! Don’t be afraid to put too much on it, most wedding guests will purchase more than one gift, its good to have 2 gifts for each guest. So if you have 150 guests, 300 items is plenty. So you put that whole china set on that list girl!

  • Preparation is key! This goes with out saying, but having a printed itinerary is very helpful for everyone in the party. The week of is when things get kicked into high gear, so keeping your bridesmaids and groomsmen in the loop and knowing what time and where they need to be will help take the stress off of you.

  • Be open! The majority of the time your guests are not going to notice the little mistakes. So if you notice something is off, don’t worry no one is going to see it, just keep dancing! If it truly bothers you, let your day of coordinator know.