Fun Wedding Tips

Tips Before You Get Tipsy

Some things to think about before your big day! 

  • Try to play music for all ages at your reception, allow your guests to place requests! It's the perfect way to get all ages on the dance floor to enjoy the party! 
  • Remember brides, choose your shoes wisely! ;) You cannot go from your Cinderella heels to your comfy flats...when you switch into flats it leaves your hem way too long and hard to move in! Choose a comfy pair of lower block heels that you can start and end the night in! 
  • For outdoor weddings, make sure you have a "rainy day" back-up plan. Have an incase of rain plan just on the slight chance the weather turns. 
  • Brides, don't forget to undo your bustle before you sit down to eat! You'll bustle the gown for the reception, un-bustle when you eat, and then re-bustle once you're ready to party again. 
  • Snacks. Snacks. Snacks. Everybody loves to munch. Try to have snacks available for your guests for before and after dinner! 

Calling all brides! If have any good tips for brides-to-be feel free to comment! :) We love hearing from you guys!