Bouquet Hurray

Hello Lovely Brides,

Today I wanted to bring up the topic of florals!

We hold them in our hands, we wear them in our hair, we throw them in the air, and of course we cover our tables, arches, and chairs in them..We love FLOWERS!

Flowers are a large part of weddings and a decent amount of the wedding budget.

Here are some quick deals for florals.

Want to save some money but love florals? Choose more greenery to increase the look of your flower quantity, greenery is much cheaper than flowers.

Dont love all the greenery, but love the soft romantic look? Use babies breath! Its much cheaper than florals and can be purchased almost anywhere, even grocery stores. You can make bouquets out of them, or even add them into your hair.

Best advice EVER!

I learn so much from all of our wonderful brides and their family. Recently when speaking to a bride’s Aunt she gave me the best recommendation. She told me that after a wedding she attended, instead of throwing away all of those beautiful flowers the bride had just paid for, she took them over the a nursing home! Genius! She said she just called up a local nursing home and then took them there after the wedding was over. What a great idea and a wonderful way to let others appreciate your beautiful arrangements!