What To Wear?

Its officially Holiday Season & The Bustle is here to help!

Being newly engaged in exhilarating, but can also be a tad overwhelming too! Whats the first thing every girl wants to do after they get engaged....grab your girls and go DRESS SHOPPING!


Here are some helpful tips to making your fitting successful!

  • Wear something that is easy to slip on & off, you'll be getting in and out of gowns so practicality becomes a real life saver! Maxis and wrap dresses have been quite a favorite to brides to be.
  • No need to bring those formal heels, we put you on a stand giving you the same heightening effect!
  • Strapless bra? No need, all of our gowns are structured for the brides to go bra-less, however we want to feel comfortable so whatever works for you, works great for us! :)
  • Lets talk undies! Nude and seamless no-show underwear are the best option, but nude takes priority over fabric! Lace undies also do the job! :)
  • Now what about Spanx? If you think you are going to wear your Spanx the day of the wedding definitely bring them with you to your fitting! If Spanxs aren't your thing, no worries you don't need them!
  • A must is your most trustworthy gals! Make sure you bring your loved ones who know YOU & your style!
  • Be true to yourself! We have a lot of gowns and in all different colors & styles! Be sure to listen to your heart. Sometimes your dream dress will surprise you! Remember as long as you love it, you'll always love it!
  • Stay open minded! Try on as many styles as you can, you never know what you'll fall in love with!
  • Lastly, remember to HAVE FUN! We have the treats, veils, and dresses...You bring the girls and get ready to have some fun and make those life long memories!