Everything Sample Sale!

Hello Brides! 

This coming Saturday, July 28th The Bustle will be holding it's second Sample Sale of the year! 

We've been working hard to get this event ready for some amazing deals! 

Here's what you need to know about this Saturday: 

  • No appointment needed
  • Each bride will receive a number in line, it will be first come, first serve (we open at 10am)
  • Each bride may bring in 2 guests max
  • The gowns will be color coded with pricing
  • The price points: $99, $599, and Couture Rack (pricing will be specifically marked for the couture gowns) 
  • The bride will be allowed 3 gowns in the dressing room at a time
  • Each appointment will be 1 hour
  • We will be taking brides in until 5pm. 

There will be a large selection of sample gowns to choose from! Come find your dream dress for your dream price. :)

For more questions give us a call at 858-523-9254

Bustle Up!


The answer is yes! As long as your wedding gown has a train, big or small, you'll 100% want a bustle! A bustle is created by your tailor. Essentially the tailor adds clear buttons and loops into the back and train of your gown. These buttons and loops camouflage into your gown, allowing the bride to hook up the train giving you more mobility. 


You'll want your train down for the ceremony and pictures, therefore you have the bustle put up for your reception! Your gown will be bustled from your first dance all the way to the end of the night. Having a bustle will allow you to really enjoy your celebration and not drag your train around.


The interesting part of about bustles is the tailor designs them, not the gown designer. Your tailor creates them based off of the style and weight of our gown. Each button-to-loop is considered a bustle. Often brides have 3-5 point bustles! There are two types of bustles, the French and the English.

 French bustle for a fitted gown.

French bustle for a fitted gown.

 French bustle for a ballgown.

French bustle for a ballgown.

 English bustle for a fitted gown.

English bustle for a fitted gown.

 English bustle for a ballgown.

English bustle for a ballgown.

Now keep in mind that bustles are made by tailors, meaning that every bustles looks a little different! It comes down to the brides design preference! All bustles do the same job, so the look and placement of the bustle can be adjusted to the brides preference in her tailoring process! If there is a specific bustle design you've seen and really love be sure to save the picture and show your tailor! :) Now you finally know what those step-sisters from Cinderella are wearing on top of their rumps, believe it or not this look used to be all the rage!


Veil Me

Do you want to wear a veil? 

Veils have been worn for centuries all across the world and until this day are commonly seen as a bridal tradition. 

Brides always ask us if they should wear a veil or not. We always recommend trying veils with your favorite wedding gowns to see if you love it. There are so many different variations of veils that are guaranteed to perfect your look.

Every veil designer adds their own touch to their veils, but traditionally the most common lengths are: 

  • Elbow
  • Fingertip
  • Waltz
  • Chapel
  • Cathedral

Veils come in all different cuts and designs (lace, bling, silk, horsehair, etc.) and of course if you're wanting to combine your favorite looks, there are always options to customize a veil.

Blushers are a very popular topic of discussion. Traditionally, the bride has a blusher attached to a veil that goes over her face until she is "unveiled" at the ceremony. Wearing a blusher is all about the brides preference, and not required. Some brides like the effect of extra volume that the double layer creates without placing the blusher over the face. 

Wanting to try on veils? Book your accessory appointment today! We are having a Toni Federici Trunk Show June 8th-17th. Our shop has over 100 veils, and if you can't find your perfect one, Toni Federici can customize your perfect veil!

Call us 858-523-9254 with any questions and to make your accessory appointment with our bridal stylists. 


Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle AKA The Duchess Sussex

All of social media has been buzzing about England's newest Duchess and her wedding look! 

Meghan surprised everyone with her custom made gown designed by Givenchy’s Clare Waight Keller. 

Meghan Markle.jpg

Her gown was elegant and minimalistic, accessorized with a stunning cathedral veil and a tiara once belonging to Queen Mary. 

Meghan's wedding gown is a 3 quarter sleeve with impeccable tailoring. 

After years of lace ruling the market, Meghan has shifted the wedding scene into more a simple, tailored look!