Juggling Wedding Planning and Real Life

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Let’s face it, most of us already have such busy lives, and throwing an engagement into the mix makes things even busier. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, so much work in fact that people base full-time careers from it. It takes a lot of focus and patience to make sure every little detail is just right for the big day. That being said, hiring a wedding planner, while it makes your life easier, can also be costly; even for just a day of coordinator. (Which we still highly recommend!)

However, if you don’t have the budget for a wedding planner, or you simply want to do it yourself, we’ve got some tips for you on how to balance all the planning in the middle of real life.  

Our first suggestion is simple, remember that you should be enjoying your engagement! You will only get to call your S.O. your Fiancé for a short period of time, so relish that new title! Your engagement should be a such a happy time for both of you, it shouldn’t stress you out or cause you sleepless nights so don’t let wedding planning take that from you both!

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Next, organize your schedule! If you are working, in school or in between, we still suggest mapping out a specific schedule to do your wedding planning as if it were any other job! Give yourself a few hours a day to get the work done, or schedule 1-2 appointments per day with vendors. Do not overcrowd your day with wedding meetings, it may seem like a great idea to just get it all done at once, but trust us when we say, you will get overwhelmed if your day is chock full of appointments. Give yourself a break, you have plenty of time to get it all done.

Make a list! I am sure I speak for a lot of you out there when I say, I LOVE making lists! Something about crossing things off as I go is so satisfying, and even more so when it’s wedding related! One less thing to worry about! Make yourself a big ole’ list, or a few smaller lists of common things that need doing. Mark them by importance and time limits. This will help you stay organized and feel more like you’re on top of things. Also, try and keep all your wedding paperwork separate from any work/personal paperwork. This will help you keep the two separate and help you to feel less as if everything is happening all at once!

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Once you have found all your vendors, keep all paperwork in separate and labeled folders. I also recommend leaving those off to the side once they are scheduled and locked in, for a few months. Once you have them scheduled you only need to check in with them closer to the wedding date for final touches. Maybe even set a task/reminder for yourself in your phone for a few months down the road to give them a call. Almost like a future reminder gift, you will thank your past self for it later ;)

Finally, do not do wedding related stuff every day. It will benefit not only you but your relationships just as much by making sure it is not consuming you! This harkens back to the first tip, make sure you take time for yourselves. Take time to go out with your girlfriends, go on dates with your S.O. and make the most out of this period of your life. Your future self will thank you for that too ;)

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Bridesmaid's Day of Duties

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I know what you’re thinking ladies, my bridesmaids should just be having fun on my wedding day. You might be thinking, once the ceremony starts, the wedding coordinator will take care of everything. On the day of your wedding, your Bridesmaids are going to be by your side dang near every second of that day. They will be there to make sure you are having a blast getting ready, sipping mimosas and eating a hearty breakfast and lunch. They will be there to make you feel like the gorgeous goddess that you are when your hair and makeup is finally done. Those girls will be there to blast the music and have random dance parties to keep the atmosphere light and fun. They will be there to help you step into your gown when the time comes.

The morning of is all about making sure you are having a fabulous morning that will blend seamlessly into night. Come ceremony time, your MOH will be there to help you fluff your train and hold your bouquet. She will then hand it back to you before you walk back down the aisle.

After pictures have been taken, it is bustle time. It is typically the MOHs job to do up your bustle as well, but sometimes she may need a hand so your Bridesmaids are the perfect choice. Tread carefully with your Bustle but also be aware that when you are dancing, someone may unintentionally step on it, causing one of the threads to rip. If/when this happens, don’t worry, there should be a train loop underneath that your girls can loop around your wrist for a quick fix!

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Your wedding planner should already have a handle on making sure you and your new hubby get your food plated first, but if she doesn’t, one of your girls can surely do that for you. Remember, EAT!! It may be a little challenging with guests coming up to you non-stop, but they can deal with you grubbin’ out. Or better yet, have a designated guest blocker, to ensure that you both get a few moments peace to eat alone without constant guest interaction.

The last thing your girls should be helping you with is making sure all the right people are rounded up for speeches, the first dance, the father/daughter dance, and the bouquet and garter toss. After that it is time to fully let loose and party the night away.

These women (and sometimes men) are part of your bridal party for a reason, let them help you. I know for a fact that they want to, and would do anything you need. They will even help you go pee if your dress is too challenging for that to happen alone. Our Bridesmaids are the people in our lives that matter enough to stand next to you when you say “ I Do “. You love them, they love you and this is the day that you all have been waiting for, your girls can only enhance your shine, so hand over the reins :)


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5 Things You Should Know When Going Dress Shopping!

I am sure I speak for most women when I say that, the first thing we want to do is go say YES to our dress! And it should be easy right? Just like going shopping at your favorite store. You know exactly what kind of dresses you like on your body and which kind you dont. You have done extensive Pinterest searching for dresses that you absolutely love the look of and are pretty sure is “the One”. So this should be a walk in the park right???

For some brides, it most definitely is. For most others, it can be so overwhelming because you start finding out things you had no idea about when it comes to getting your wedding gown. So we have compiled a small list of the 5 top things you should know before going into your appointment!

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N U M B E R . O N E

Dresses take about 4-6 months to come in, with some designers taking as long as 8 months! So book your appointment as soon as you can to avoid any rush fees!

N U M B E R . T W O

You need to start your alterations 2 months prior to your wedding day. In those 2 months you will go back ( on average) a total of 3 times, to ensure the dress is perfect for your big day!

N U M B E R . T H R E E

Every. Single. Dress. Needs alterations. The standard alterations are your hem, your bustle, and your body alts. When you say yes to your dress, your stylist will take your measurements and then look at the designers size chart to figure out which of their standard sizes to order you. They will then recommend the largest size, based off of your measurements, so that the dress will have ample room to be tailored perfectly to every contour of your body. The dresses are not custom made to your measurements, and they all have a standard length, which is why alterations are always necessary.

N U M B E R . F O U R

Bridal Sizing is different than street sizing! So if you come in and usually wear a size 4 and your consultant says you are in a size 8, dont panic!! Bridal sizes typically run about 2 sizes up from street sizing.

N U M B E R . F I V E

Stay open minded! When you go in to try on gowns, sometimes what you thought you absolutely did not want is what you end up choosing. Trying on other styles may also solidify what you already knew that you loved. But it is best to try on all different styles just in case ;)


Trying on wedding gowns should be the most fun experience, so make sure you bring people that are Team Bride all the way. You dont want to have any body with you will want to see you in only what they want and neglect your feelings. Because at the end of the day your opinion is the only one that matters because you will be wearing it and its YOUR wedding.

Just remember ladies, have fun and if you start to get overwhelmed, take a minute to sit down, sip some bubbly and relax. Your Bridal Gown experience should be one to remember forever, and we are here to help you with that, always.


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5 Things to do on Your Wedding Day!

Number 1:

Take a shower! We all know the healing power of a hot shower when you’re stressed out. So wake up and refresh yourself with a nice warm shower. It will relax any day of jitters :)

Number 2:

EAT BREAKFAST AND LUNCH!!!! Your chances of eating during your reception may be slim to none, unless you have designated someone to block guests from greeting you during dinner! No one likes a hangry bride, so make sure you eat a healthy breakfast and lunch! {And maybe some small snacks along the way ;) }.

Number 3:

Hang your dress and your veil and steam them both! No one wants any wrinkles on the day of. So make sure you have someone in charge of that, far away from any food or liquids! Most venues will have a steamer available for you to use, but if they dont, you can get one on the cheap at Wal-Mart or Target!

Number 4:

Enjoy the morning with your girls! Getting ready is fun! Pop a bottle of champagne and splash in some OJ and just relax a little. It is a big day and you dont want to drink too much, but a glass or two will take the edge off just enough. Enjoy getting pampered by your makeup and hair stylists and overall just remember today is the day to have as much fun as possible.

Number 5:

Let your wedding coordinator handle everything. For some of us relinquishing control is hard, but on the day of your wedding, the only thing you should be thinking about is your fiancé and finally getting to meet them at the end of the Aisle. So let your wedding coordinator handle everything else, it’s their job, and it is what they are good at. You just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride into wedlock :)


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Down to the Wire: Wedding Month Madness

It is FINALLY 30 days before you get to say I do!

There is stress, there is late nights, there is last minute details. But there should also be, joy, laughter, love and a sense of relief.

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When all is said and done, you want to enjoy the process of being engaged and planning your wedding. While some of you may have a wedding planner who is doing most of the work, others may be taking the brunt of the wedding planning onto your shoulders. In order to really enjoy your wedding planning process, take it from me, you need to ask for help.

You make be a little bit of a control freak and letting go of the reigns might scare you to no end. And that is OK! However, you are not the only person getting married. Your fiancé is a part of it too, and more often than not, they want to help you. So let them.

I suggest taking things in stride by starting with a list. Write down all of the things that still need to get done the month before. Start with the biggest and most important time sensitive items, then move your way down to small details that aren’t all that important. Once you have that list, go ahead and jot down a few small things and hand that list to your fiancé. Ask them to make sure to write anything down that might be important later on, and as soon as it is completed ask that they let you know right away. Your fiancé loves you, they dont want to see you struggle when they know full well that they can help you. So ask them girl!

Delegate! Not only to your fiancé, but to your bridal party as well! Your girls are part of your big day for a reason. They love you so much and they are probably itching to help. So have them over for girls night and put them in teams of two and have them tackle some of the harder things together!

And last but not least. Ask your mom or dad. They are probably having a hard time imaging the fact that their little girl is growing up! So give them something to do to take their mind off of it! They are dying to be a part of your big day too, let them help.

The most important thing to remember is that, you are not alone in the period of wedding planning. There are countless people around you that would do anything for you. Even if you dont think there is, call me up girl I GOT YOU ;)

At the end of the day. All that will matter is you and your fiancé, and the love that you two have for one another. So breath, and remember that you are not alone.


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