Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle AKA The Duchess Sussex

All of social media has been buzzing about England's newest Duchess and her wedding look! 

Meghan surprised everyone with her custom made gown designed by Givenchy’s Clare Waight Keller. 

Meghan Markle.jpg

Her gown was elegant and minimalistic, accessorized with a stunning cathedral veil and a tiara once belonging to Queen Mary. 

Meghan's wedding gown is a 3 quarter sleeve with impeccable tailoring. 

After years of lace ruling the market, Meghan has shifted the wedding scene into more a simple, tailored look! 



New Versus Sample Gowns

There's a home for every wedding dress whether it's brand new or a sample. We have brides at The Bustle saying yes to their dream gown and purchasing off-the-rack all the time! The decision is all based on personal preference. While there are pros for ordering a brand new dress, there are also many perks for getting a sample. We've outlined a few advantages to consider when shopping and trying on gowns. 

 The Bustle carries a wide variety of styles with brand new orders beginning at $1,500 or at $799 for off-the-rack dresses.

The Bustle carries a wide variety of styles with brand new orders beginning at $1,500 or at $799 for off-the-rack dresses.

Pros for ordering a new dress

  • You aren't limited to styles when trying on gowns since there are new designs every season!
  • Since you're placing an order on a brand new dress, it will be in pristine condition.
  • Measurements are taken to order a gown closest to your size. There's no need to worry about altering a gown two sizes too big.
  • Some designers give options to customize parts of the dress when ordering. It'd be awesome to make the dress to match your personal style.

Pros for purchasing a sample gown

  • Getting a gown off-the-rack means massive savings! 
  • You have a gown to begin alterations right away. This is important if you have a short timeline with a wedding coming up within the next few months.
  • Aside from cleaning, alterations (hem and bustle) will be about the same as purchasing a new dress.
  • Nobody will know you didn't purchase a brand new dress unless you tell them (;

Friday June 8, 2018
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1 Dress, 2 Looks

For all of you brides who just can't decide on one dress because you're IN LOVE with two looks... we've got the answer!

#1: For lace lovers

One, find the dress of your dreams! Step two, get a lace BOLERO! If your dream dress is strapless go ahead and simply wear a bolero over or underneath your dress!

Boleros come in all different patterns, sizes, and colors! You can wear the bolero for the entire wedding or take it off at the reception. Because the bolero is removable, the possibilities are endless!

Need an example? Here's our beautiful bride Kristyn in her Stella York gown! Images by True Photography.

 Look #1 With bolero

Look #1 With bolero

 Look #2 Without bolero

Look #2 Without bolero

#2: For a princess look

One, find the dress of your dreams! Step two, wear an OVER-SKIRT on top of your fitted gown! It is the perfect way to have the sexy fitted look and the perfect classic princess cut all in one day!

Over-skirts come in all different styles, cuts, colors & even different volumes! Some have trains while others don't! Just like boleros, the over-skirts are removable leaving you (The Bride) with plenty of options!

Brides often wear the over-skirt for the ceremony and then remove the skirt to have a lighter, fitted look for the reception!

 Look #1 With over-skirt

Look #1 With over-skirt

 Look #2 Without over-skirt

Look #2 Without over-skirt

Hair Styles Down The Aisle


These lovely hair accessories are the most common bridal hair accessory, other than the veil! Hair combs are the perfect touch of bling and a great way to spice up your beautiful bridal hairdo.


Most hair pieces are created to allow your hairstylist to manipulate the comb to your hair style. Whether that means wrapping it around your bun, or weaving it into your braid, you can have a lot of fun working these accessories into your bridal look to fit your personality! 

For the bride who wants a little more drama, headbands and halos are the perfect! You can go blingy, or go fora  softer and romantic look with a floral embellishments. 


Don't worry, you can have them both! Here are examples of how hair pieces are still worn with the veil. You'll want both for your ceremony and photos, and can always remove your veil later at your reception and still have your sparkly hair piece in for the dance floor!


This or That

When planning a wedding, getting your perfect look together creates so many options. How do you choose? Lets start by breaking it down one by one...

Hair up or down?

The running theme of this blog will be stay true to who you are! It might be your wedding day, but you'll still want to feel comfortable in your whole look.  When deciding on hair, make sure you are wearing your hair in a look that you feel beautiful in. Meaning, if you feel your best with you hair down, then wear it down. If you feel your best when you hair if up, then wear it up.  You will have a lot of wedding photos taken and you want to love them. Think about how you prefer your hair in pictures, that might help you make your final decision.  If you are wearing your hair up, you can always take it down for your reception. If you are wearing your hair down, you can always pull half of it up to keep it out of your face. For those brides who want their hair down but want to show off their wedding gown's detailed or low back, you can always have your hair stylist braid it to the side so it looks down from the front but still shows of your gorgeous back! 


Earrings or necklace?

Remember ladies, this is YOUR day. Normally we don't go about our day with bling jewelry and full length gowns, but your wedding day is YOUR day to go all out! You should feel your best, we're going for a 15 out of 10 feeling!  A lot of brides ask us if they should wear earrings or a necklace on their wedding day. If your gown has a lot of beading or strap detail, earrings are a great way to frame your face! 

It's okay to wear both earrings and necklace, especially if your gown is strapless. My only other advice when picking jewelry is go for less metal and more sparkly. The jewelry doesn't have to be big, you'll just want to catch some light and sparkle the day of!  A bracelet is always a nice touch too!  


Heels or Flats?

Here's a helpful tip when deciding between heels or one sees your feet, so we vote go for comfort!  We all love the glamour and beauty of high heels, but make sure you are prepared to spend a full night in them. Your wedding gown gets hemmed to the height you are with shoes, which means if you kick your shoes off or switch to flats at your reception, your dress will be too long and you'll step all over your gown.  We support all of the heel lovers who dance through the pain! :D But, we also support all the brides who slip some sparkly flats and sandals on and dance the night away! Wedges are a must for any bride walking on gravel or grass! Sometimes a small one inch wide heal is the perfect compromise to getting a little height while still feeling comfortable!