Sample Sale

Get ready for our semi-annual Sample Sale on Saturday, June 8! If you attended last year’s sample sales with friends, you’ll be a pro at this next one. :) No appointment is needed, however trying on gowns will be at a first come first serve basis. Last year, brides started lining up at 9:30am, and we highly recommend coming in the morning when inventory of sample dresses are at its fullest.

Here’s how it’ll work:
The sample sale will begin at 10am!
1. First come, first serve - No holding of gowns
2. You will have 1 hour to try on gowns
3. Only 3 gowns in a dressing room at a time
4. Brides may bring a maximum of two guests with them
5. Sample Sale gowns only, special order gowns will not be available but we can always set you an appointment

Each gown purchased will receive a free pink wedding garment bag. We’ll also be offering $100 off gown cleaning and preservation at purchase. All sales are final. Alteration costs are separate. Have fun! We can’t wait to help you find your dream dress for a dream price!


How's My Hair?!

So you say you always wanted to feel like a princess on your wedding day?

bridal crown 2.jpg

Then why not add a crown ;)

Wedding planning takes so much of our energy and focus, that sometimes the smaller and more subtle details get lost in the fray. You know you need your dream dress, and you always wanted to wear a long cathedral length veil, but what happens with your hair once you take it off?

Veils typically get removed right before the reception, after you take all your post ceremony pictures. You can definitely leave it on, after all, it’s your day and you can do as you please! BUT, if you decide to take the veil off, sometimes that can leave your hair feeling a little under dressed.

This is where a hair piece or bridal crown can come in handy. There are so many options, whether you are just looking for something small like a hair comb, or something loud and proud like a brightly colored flower crown. Adding a statement headpiece can complete any and all bridal looks.

So you have an elegant and simple crepe gown, no worries, just add a small clip in hairpiece that gives you that little bit of sparkle you want. Or maybe you are a Boho Queen who needs her crown of crystals, pop that crown on the top of your head and own being the center of envy.


Also, who says that flowers must only be for bouquets and centerpieces? We sure don’t! A flower crown can go beautifully with any dress, and can also tie your gown in with whatever color scheme you have with the wedding. The Groom isn’t the only one who gets to be colorful and bold on your wedding day!


Regardless of what you decide on, remember that there are no limits to what you can do to make yourself feel as beautiful as we know you are. Rock a crown, or slay simply, either way you will glow just perfectly on your day.

xo, The Bustle

Grand Exit Ideas!

Time to leave the party behind, but leave it in style! The grand exit is often times an underestimated and we can forget that it’s even a thing. Normally, send offs consist of your guests making an aisle for you and your new spouse to walk down. This leads to your get away car or some sort of transportation. Here are some super fun ideas on how to end the night with some style.

  1. Send them off with a sparkle!

sparkler send off.jpg

Don’t worry this is completely safe, just make sure there is a few buckets of water for guests to put their sparklers in afterwards. These are so fun and creative, they also make for some amazing pictures! Depending on where you live double check the firework laws and if you are able to purchase them.

2. Glitter and Confetti


Confetti is a great replacement for traditional rice throwing, it adds a little flare and color. Confetti symbolizes celebrations and it is your grand finale or curtain call. This tends to leave a little more of mess behind so double check with your venue if they will allow confetti.

3. Eco Friendly!


Tossing lavender and real flower petals is a great eco friendly send off idea. It is also very cost efficient! Plus is smells very good, just do be aware of any allergies. Placing lavender in paper cones makes it functional for your guests and a really pretty touch. Another trick to consider is to take a hole punch to flower petals, its like your own floral confetti!

4. Bubbles! My bubbles!


Bubbles are super cute and whimsical, just be careful of a slippery floor. Your guests, especially the little ones will love this, not only is it for your exit, but they make really good wedding favors!

5. Glow the night away!

glow sticks.jpg

While most venues prohibit the sparklers, having the glow sticks are the best alternative. You can have multiple colors or only purchase one color to resemble the sparklers. These are also great to have for the reception and partying. Nothing says dance party like some glow sticks!

If The Shoe Fits

You all voted on Instagram, so we answered! But not to worry we will get to the grand exit another week:)

Lets talk about the shoe! probably the most important accessory after the wedding dress. Have no fear, finding the right shoe is a lot easier then finding the dress. We are here to answer all your glass slipper questions.

When should I go shoe shopping?

You should go shoe shopping right before your alterations, this is because your seamstress needs the perfect hem with your shoes. So here’s the reason to go shopping during that time, lets say you are deciding between about 2 to 3 pairs of shoes. Buy all 3 and bring them to your first alterations and try them all on with your dress, then decide on one there. However if you want 2 of them just make sure they are the same height so it doesn’t change the length of your hem. But when you decide you can return the others, that way you’re still in a 30 day return time! Genius!

I can’t decide between flats or heels!

You can never go wrong with a cute pair of flats, they are comfy all day and night. However it is possible to have a comfy pair of heels too. We always tell brides that if they are going with a heel to have some sort of platform on the bottom and more a block heel. This insures comfort and balance, whereas a stiletto heel you could sink into the grass or the dirt during the ceremony. Walking in heels isn’t the easiest thing for some women, but for those who can, you work those Red Bottoms!


It’s okay to break in the shoes before!

For the more stubborn shoes, don’t be afraid to wear them out and around. You want to break those bad boys in before you wear them for the most important day of your life. Whether they’re flats, sandals, pumps, wedges, or even sneakers, wear them 2-3 times before the wedding to insure that they fit perfect and they are formed to your foot shape. If you need to get some inserts to help, then do it. The good news is, is that your feet and shoes are only going to peak through the dress, so you will not even be able to see the insoles.

They say diamonds are a girls best friend, they clearly haven’t been to the Nordstrom shoe sale. Feel free to call or DM us on Instagram and Facebook if you have anymore shoe related questions, or just more questions. And for those of you who voted for Grand Exit Ideas look out for next weeks blog!